Crazy Ghost Printed Face Masks India #1 (Germs Protective)

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Printed Face Masks India

DIMENSION: 7.8×4.7 inches

Material: Polyester and cotton padding

Band length: 6 Inch

Band Property: Elasticity

Color: Ghost Printed Light yellow and light green gradient color

No of Pice: One Piece

Size: Unisex, 4.5″x5″

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Printed Face Masks India

Polyester and Cotton Padding is used

Polyester: The Very Strong Material. Along with being more durable, it is chemical resistant. Fabrics made of polyester do not shrink quickly. They do not need to press. Fabrics made of polyester do not keep the moister for long. The clothes made from it dry quickly.

Cotton Padding: The mask must have cotton padding. Being padding filters the air and makes us feel soft.

Elastic Band

The elastic band is used in this mask. Which helps adjust the mask. Masks fit on the face. Which does not need to be repeated?

Easy To Breath

Fabrics made of polyester make breathing easier due to more space. And also cotton padding has been used in it. Which helps to filter and breathe air.

Light Weight

You must be thinking about how much weight the mask can have. It is already lighter. This is not the case because there are some fabrics that are heavy due to their high thickness. Which do not fit on the face? They have trouble breathing.

Pollution, Dust, Cold Protective

Its use is meaningless if the mask is not dust, pollutants and germs are protective. Therefore it has been made germs, pollution, and dust protective.

Very Attractive Ghost Printed Face Masks India

Printed Face Masks India

Ghost Printed Face Masks India: Ghosts have always been the reason for people’s eye attraction. Keeping this attraction in mind, the image of a unique ghost has been printed. If you go out wearing it. So the attention of the people will definitely be attracted to you.

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