3 Safe Anti Dust & Pollution Washable Face Mask

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Anti Dust & Pollution Washable Face Mask

Colour – 3 design mix color
Material – cotton
Number of Items  – 3
Size Free –  Size

Anti-pollution = Yes

Washable =  yes

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Anti Dust & Pollution Washable Face Mask


A mask should have features protection, dust protection, smoke protection, pollen protection, etc.

Germs Protection-

If you are wearing a mask and it is not germs protective. So there is no point in wearing a mask. Therefore the first priority of any mask should be Games Protection. Right now the problem of the corona epidemic is between us. Keeping this in mind, this mask has been made germs protective.

Dust Protection-

The germs of a mask should be protected as well as dust protective. Because dust damages our lungs. And we have difficulty in breathing. When we get out of the house, we have to face dust. Therefore the dust of the mask should be protective. This mask has been made dust protective.

Smoke Protection-

In a city like Delhi, air pollution is always present. Particles of carbon, sulfur dioxide, etc. in air pollutants are responsible for lung censer. It has been made smoke protective.

Washable & reusable

The Anti Dust & Pollution Washable Face Mask must be protected as well as washable & reusable. Because if you use a mask you use once. So your mask budget will be higher. Which is not right for your savings. Suppose you buy 10 masks, each costing 20 rupees. So all masks will cost 200 rupees. Which can be used for a maximum of 10 days. If you use Washable & reusable mask. So it can be used for at least two months. If you used a “one-time-use mask” for two months, you would have to spend 600 rupees.



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